Barry Bonds is a Giant, now and forever

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The last few days without baseball have been miserable, but today started with an unexpected delight: An outright, unequivocal endorsement of the San Francisco Giants over the Philadelphia Phillies from Barry Bonds.

In an on-the-street encounter in Santa Monica on Wednesday recorded for, Barry was asked if he was rooting for the Phillies in the National League Championship Series that begins Saturday in Philadelphia.

“I will always be a Giants fan,” Bonds gushed. “The Giants are in my heart. The city I love. It’s like I always try to tell people — I don’t really have fans in San Francisco, I have family. That’s my family. So if you think I’m going for Philadelphia — forget it. I’m a Giants fan for life.”

I was never was a big fan of Bonds. When fans at Candlestick Park would cheer him as he was introduced in the lineup, I’d stand silently. I’ve even taken a few pokes at him in this blog, in a couple of posts on steroids and even one griping about ballplayers wearing earrings.  I’ve told friends that it wasn’t until Bonds left the Giants that I fully embraced the team.

Yet today, I have a new appreciation for Barry Bonds.

A Giants fan for life. Now that I can respect.


One thought on “Barry Bonds is a Giant, now and forever

  1. Hey Ballcaps guy! Ken Burns recent “10th inning” documentary had a very empathetic take on Bonds. You should check it out. I never much liked Bonds personality either, but Burns’ insight was well thought out. And I only saw part of it. Bonds does deserve his due for being a helluva ballplayer.

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