Scoring big with discount-bin ball caps

My wife is a regular shopper at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. I often tag along eagerly in hopes of finding a great deal on baseball or football caps and clothing. The stock at these discount stores rotates regularly, and you never know when you’ll stumble onto something you really like.

After numerous trips over the summer without finding anything that excited me, I had a field day today. Against the wall in the men’s department was a rack of caps, with what I initially thought was a classic New York Mets model poking out from a gaggle of plain caps. But closer inspection revealed it was a New York Giants cap, a remnant from the Cooperstown Collection by American Needle.

It was a fitted cap, too large for me. But a few rows down I spotted a group of Philadelphia Athletics caps with a big blue “A” fronting a white crown above a blue bill. Amazingly, several sizes were available and the price was an astonishingly low $5.99.

I turned a corner to find another rack of caps, including several 1976 Oakland Athletics caps,  ’42 New York Giants caps, another Philly Athletics model and an old school gray cap with an unusual “NY” logo that I believe was a Giants cap although I can’t pin it down. (It turned out to be the 1915 Giants road cap.)

The kid in me wanted one of each, but I settled on the 1929-34 Philadelphia Athletics home cap. I’ll be wearing it next month when I take my son to college there.

3 thoughts on “Scoring big with discount-bin ball caps

  1. Wow. Good stuff. I used to have a Cooperstown Collection Brooklyn Dodgers cap. Wasn’t aware that they went out of business. Too bad about that. Wish I was there with you. Would have picked up all of the New York caps.
    Good for you, man. Bill

  2. After I wrote my post, I went back and checked the headband. Turns out the cap is from the Cooperstown Collection by American Needle, which is still in business. What folded was the Cooperstown Cap Co. of Cooperstown, NY. I quickly revised the post – you’re just too quick for me!

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