New batting helmets in minor leagues getting high marks for safety

Here’s a story from today’s Modesto Bee about the new batting helmets being used in Minor League Baseball.  The specs from Rawlings say their S100 model is built to protect a batter struck by a pitch thrown at up to 100 mph.

The Bee story says the helmets are getting rave reviews for their safety, if not their style.

I never worriedmuch about getting hit by a pitch in my playing days as a shortstop in youth leagues in Cleveland, although I was well aware that the Indians’ Ray Chapman was the only major leaguer ever killed in a ballgame. He was struck in the temple during the Tribe’s 1920 championship season and died from the blow.

No one wore helmets in those days.  I’m glad I grew up in an era when helmets were required, and I applaud all the efforts to make helmets safer.

Now if we could just get rid of those awful aluminum bats….

One thought on “New batting helmets in minor leagues getting high marks for safety

  1. As a kid, I was lucky to have a baseball cap, let alone batting helmet. Then again, our baseballs were so soft from continuous use, I doubt they could have done much damage. And yes, I’ve always hated aluminum bats. I hate how the ball makes that pinging sound coming off the bat. It’s not a normal baseball sound. Cheers, Bill

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