The MLB app for iPhone blows me away

Resistance is futile. If you love baseball, you must get the MLB app for iPhone.

I used a $10 iTunes gift card from my Easter basket (yes, the bunny still delivers to baseball bloggers of a certain age) and another $4.99 to spring for the app the other night, and all I can say is, What took me so long?

After shelling out $14 a month or thereabouts for Sirius/XM satellite radio the last two seasons, I’m even more enamored of the iPhone app. Satellite radio gives you only the home-team broadcast, but the iPhone gives you both broadcasts, home and away, not to mention the Spanish-language broadcasts as available (adios, pelota!).

In the past 60 hours or so, I’ve listened to broadcasts of the Tigers and Angels, Mets and Phillies, Indians and Twins, Yankees and White Sox, Cubs and Diamondbacks, Pirates and Dodgers, and probably a few others I’ve sampled but forgotten.

This afternoon, I used a cheapo FM transmitter that my son picked up at Marshall’s to blast the Twins-Indians game out of a boom box.

Technology rules.

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