No, thanks. I’ll pass on the chips (Fiesta Bowl 2010)

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=Boise+State&iid=7455313″ src=”6/1/2/4/Tostitos_Fiesta_Bowl_0155.jpg?adImageId=8797792&imageId=7455313″ width=”234″ height=”317″ /]

On my television screen, the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl tonight looked more like the Ugly Uniforms Bowl.

As one of my Twitter buddies pointed out, TCU players looked like walking eggplants. And although the pants in this photo appear orange, on my screen the Boise State players looked as if they were slathered in salmon mousse.

The only thing that would have made it worse was if the game had been played on Boise State’s hideous blue turf.

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