Switching caps (again): Mark DeRosa

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=Mark+DeRosa&iid=5056280″ src=”3/b/e/3/Mark_DeRosa_meets_d307.JPG?adImageId=8722277&imageId=5056280″ width=”234″ height=”305″ /]

Mark DeRosa joined a new team today, the San Francisco Giants. As a Giants fan, I’m pleased. Assuming he keeps pace with his performance in recent years, he’ll add some pop to what has been an anemic offense the last year or two.

After seven years with the Atlanta Braves, he’s become an itinerant player, with two-year stints with the Rangers and Cubs. Last year, he started with Cleveland before moving over to St. Louis.

Today he signed a two-year pact with the Orange and Black, where he presumably will play third base. But DeRosa is versatile and gives the Giants lots of options. I caught a portion of an interview with him this evening on KNBR radio, and he came across as a smart, savvy veteran.

Here’s hoping he works out better for SF than their other acquisition who wore an Indians uniform last year, Ryan Garko. I’m optimistic that Garko can adjust to the National League this season. Anything he can produce over his lackluster ’09 season in San Francisco will be a bonus.

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