The Granderson trade: Grist for the Yankee-haters’ mill

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=curtis+granderson&iid=4994621″ src=”0/9/d/f/Detroit_Tigers_vs_a152.JPG?adImageId=8153941&imageId=4994621″ width=”234″ height=”159″ /]

The floats that rolled down the Canyon of Heroes in the World Series victory parade have barely cooled their engines and the New York Yankees are already bolstering their formidable roster. The details aren’t final, but at the winter meetings in Indianapolis the Yanks have engineered a three-team deal that will bring them center fielder Curtis Granderson from the Detroit Tigers.

It’s deals like this that drive Yankee haters crazy. The Yankees give up a couple of guys you’ve never heard of and one prospect, and in exchange they get an A-grade player with speed, solid hitting and great defense. Their lineup from 2009 isn’t diminished in the least, and they make a significant upgrade in the outfield for the new season.

Can the Kansas City Royals ever pull something like this off? Can the Milwaukee Brewers? Can anybody but the Yankees?

Had Karl Marx been born in the 20th Century, I have no doubt his inspiration to take on capitalism with communism would have been the New York Yankees.

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