PicApp gets the cap wrog

Katy_Perry_Looks_c7a5WordPress, which I dearly love, recently introduced PicApp images for use on our blogs. I just signed up and in my first search – for “baseball” — was pleased to find photos of celebrities and athletes wearing baseball caps and golf caps.

The first image to catch my eye was this one of singer Katy “I Kissed a Girl” Perry wearing a Los Angeles Dodgers cap.

PicApp’s caption, however, misidentifies it as an LA Lakers cap.


3 thoughts on “PicApp gets the cap wrog

  1. Sorry about this…..

    We get the image captions automatically from the image owners. Guess we’re not that big in Baseball knowledge, we’re working on it…. (-:

    PicApp team

  2. Thanks for the note. I took a bit of a cheap shot at you, but I will say this. I dug deeper into your service and already updated a couple of older posts with some of your images. I’m grateful to have it.

    Best of luck with the association with WordPress.

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