Google baseball and what do you get?

The top three Google results for “baseball” are, the Wikipedia entry on the sport and — drumroll — The Official Site of the New York Yankees.

A mere hour or so after the Yankees fell to the Los Angeles Angels in Game 5 of the American League Championship Series, what’s the lead video highlight on the Yankees’ site? The triple Robinson Cano hit to give the Yankees a short-lived lead in the game. Evidently the Yankees can’t handle defeat, so they settle for a mid-game highlight.

2 thoughts on “Google baseball and what do you get?

  1. Uh, what’s your point? The Yankees are hugely popular… knew that. And I guarantee if you went to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim’s website after game 6, you wouldn’t see highlights of the Yankees winning.

    1. Thanks for the comment.

      I was making no point in particular, except that I was a bit surprised that a single team came up so high in the Google rankings. It merely shows the dominance of the Yankees in the media and in the public eye.

      As for teams not showing “losing” highlights, that’s my way of reminding people that as the leagues and the teams go more heavily into promoting themselves, fans need to remember that they’re not going to get objective reports on their sites.

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