Brett Favre exacts a measure of vengeance on the Packers

We doubted his word. We doubted his motives. But as the Minnesota Vikings have surged to a 4-0 record this season, no one doubts that Brett Favre has the drive and the talent to succeed for his new team. Favre shone again Monday night as the Vikes defeated his old team, the Green Bay Packers, 30-23.

I’m betting the TV ratings for the game were high as curious Americans tuned in to watch Favre attack the Pack. Although he wore his familiar No. 4 jersey, it was purple instead of the usual Packers’ green and gold. Didn’t matter. Favre performed like a man half his 40 39 years of age.

I wasn’t surprised. A week ago, I watched Favre shred the San Francisco secondary on a last-minute drive that he punctuated with a 32-yard touchdown strike to the end zone with 2 seconds left.

I lived in Wisconsin during the Bart Starr coaching era when the Packers were awful. At the time I appreciated the Packers for their heritage but could not fully embrace the team. In recent years the Pack returned to some measure of glory, and Favre deservedly got much of the credit.

The Monday night loss to the rival Vikings will be even more bitter for Packers fans, who rightly felt jilted and betrayed when Favre “retired” only to sign last season with the New York Jets. His outrageous, teasing courtship dance with Vikings over the summer makes his performance with them in this first quarter of the season even more remarkable.

Call him what you will. But Brett Favre has delivered on his promise.

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