Cooperstown Ball Cap’s awesome collection

1910 Alameda ball capAs one might expect of someone who blogs about baseball caps, I spend a little bit of time every now and then scouting the Internet for information on the subject. In a serendipitous search last night, I wound up on, which is the site for the Cooperstown Ball Cap Co. The company is in Cherry Valley, N.Y., not far from Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The firm makes authentic replicas of old-time ballcaps. I was familiar with their major league and Federal League caps, having ogled them in many a catalog and Web site. But I had no idea of the depth of caps the company recreates. There are caps from Negro Leagues teams, railroad teams, military schools, Native American tribes, even night clubs!

The caps come in a variety of styles, including those 19th Century ones with the band-like crowns and short brims. With only a few photograph exceptions, the Cooperstown site offers only artist renderings of its caps, such as the 1910 model above from the Alameda, Calif., professional team. Having lived on that wonderful San Francisco Bay island town for several years, I’ve put that cap on my wish list along with a few others. (Hint to any relatives with $48 to spend – the 1920 Cleveland Indians cap looks mighty fine.)

A baseball fan could spend a lot of time — and probably money — on the site. I recommend it.

5 thoughts on “Cooperstown Ball Cap’s awesome collection

    1. It’s now on my one-of-these-years itinerary. The company’s “about us” information says they try to use the original equipment that was used to manufacture the original caps. That’s got to be worth the price of admission.

  1. I have a 1947 Brooklyn Dodgers cap and a 1951 NY Giants cap from Cooperstown Ballcap Co. The quality is very good and they are unique. They are so authentic they may not be for everyone. Today’s caps have a high crown and are very structured. These caps are not. I personally like them that way but younger folks may not be accunstomed to this style and cut of cap.

    The caps I wear are so authentic people ask me if they are from the 40’s and 50’s.

    Good company but in dealing with them I can only assume they are a very small operation. Communication can be slow and delivery dates can vary from super quick to ‘Oh yeah I ordered a ball cap way back in the day’.

    One of a kind company for the baseball purist!!!

  2. Cooperstown Ball Cap Company is out of business. You might try contacting the owner to see what happened or if he can still make anything.

    Another great place to get authentic reproduction caps is Ebbets Field Flannels out of Seattle, Washington. They have non-Major League only. Nice stuff.

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