And the Britain’s Got Talent winner is… The Houston Astros?

Major League Baseball caps can show up in the most unexpected places, as the hit UK show “Britain’s Got Talent” has proved.

The winner of this year’s competition was not Internet phenomenon Susan Boyle but an athletic dance troupe called Diversity.

BGT has only crept into the American consciousness on a broad scale this year, and most of the credit for that has to go to the viral appeal of Susan Boyle. I learned of the BGT results yesterday via Twitter, and I followed a link to the video below to watch Diversity’s performance. I wasn’t paying close attention at first, but eventually I was astonished to find that most of the guys blokes in the group were wearing Houston Astros’ baseball caps for their final-round routine.

I still couldn’t quite believe my eyes. But when I watched a video interview with the troupe on the ITV official BGT site, there was no more doubt about the caps.

That’s pretty cool.

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