Opening day (or night), and getting back in the game

For all the time I’ve spent on a computer keyboard day and night the past couple of weeks, you’d think I’d have had time to post one measly blog item. So tonight I’m oiling the joints and getting back into the game with a couple of basic notes.

Derek Lowe on Opening Night
Derek Lowe on Opening Night

The 2009 Major League Baseball season is under way. I am moderately curmudgeonly in respect to the season opener. My heart tells me the season really ought to open with a day game in Cincinnati, home of the oldest professional ballclub. My brain’s proclivity toward instant gratification, however, tells me it was pretty cool to watch the Braves and the Phillies on Sunday evening. On our TV it appeared the Braves had switched to black caps and jerseys, but upon closer examination I see they’re really wearing a near-Yankees-like shade of navy blue.

Regardless, I was rooting (in vain) for the Phillies.

Look not to me for predictions on the season. I am wretched in my projections, which too often are tainted by my longings for my favorite franchises.

But really, is it too much to hope for a Cleveland-Milwaukee World Series?

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