Saluting the Devils’ Martin Brodeur

This is a great day for the Irish — and for hockey.

On this St. Patrick’s Day, Martin Brodeur of the New Jeresey Devils will will try to become the winningest goalie in National Hockey League history. Brodeur, who spent much of the season off ice with an injury, has been almost superhuman since his return to net a few weeks ago. He tied Patrick Roy for the most goals at 551 the other night in Montreal, and Brodeur will be on home ice in Newark tonight as the Devils face the Chicago Black Hawks.

I’ve had the privilege to see Roy and Brodeur for real, the former late in his career as a member of the Colorado Avalanche and the latter in the middle of his terrific career with the Devils.

So here’s a tip o’ the cap from this Irish American to the French Canadian Martin Brodeur. May the puck never be behind ye.

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