Phillies follies: Winter caps on the diamond

Until the other night, I had never seen a baseball cap with cold-weather earflaps. But there was Jimmy Rollins on national TV, doing a postgame interview. Although I actually think the cap is cool in a this-is-weird kind of way, it also underscores a major flaw of the baseball playoffs.

They come too damn late in the year. The series should not be finishing — and with this week’s weather in Philadelphia, I’m not sure Game 5 will ever end — during Halloween week. Bring back the doubleheader, or cut back on the days off during the season and early playoff rounds.

Baseball is the summer game, and the series should be over by mid-October — especially for Bay Area guys like Jimmy Rollins and Pat Burrell of the Phillies. They should dress like ballplayers, not deer hunters.

6 thoughts on “Phillies follies: Winter caps on the diamond

  1. Right on, Dan! The person who looks REALLY ridiculous in his ‘flap hat’ is Joe Maddon. The hat, the glasses UGH! Go Phillies!!!!

  2. Good to see you out at the ball game Dan, especially when it comes to the Phillies! You are right, even the baseball hierarchy were completely baffled on what to do next. I have to admit, though, I hate the idea of the World Series palyed at a neutral site. The game belongs to the home crowd, so play it in the stadiums of those teams that made it.

  3. Hey Dan, good to see you out at the ballpark. The weather really was atrocious here for the Workd Series, and even baseball’s hierarchy had no idea how to handle the situation. One thing – I am completely against the neutral city idea that we keep hearing about since the game 5 debacle. The winners earned the right to play in front of their home fans, and the right thing to do is tighten up the season, as you suggest.

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