Brewers vs. Phillies, and bratwurst vs. cheesesteaks

The long shadows of October baseball
The long shadows of October baseball

Of the division matchups in the baseball playoffs this year, the only one I can illustrate with a pair of caps I own is the Brewers-Phillies series.

I’m already on record in expressing my devotion to the Brew Crew. Their place in the playoffs this year takes me right back to their last appearance, when they lost to the Cardinals in seven games in 1982. Somewhere in a shoe box I have photos I took out the window of our flat of the Goodyear blimp flying along the Lake Michigan shore en route to Milwaukee County Stadium. I am also on record, if only semi-seriously, as wanting to be buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Milwaukee, hard by the ballpark and not far from my grad school apartment.

I have a soft spot for the Phillies, too. Some of that has to do with having worked briefly in the Philly market at Trenton, N.J. Part of it is rooting for a team that gets only sporadic cracks at the big time.

The Milwaukee-Philadelphia matchup can also be played out in food terms. Milwaukee is the center of the bratwurst universe, and Philadelphia is the capital of cheesesteak nation. I love them both. So although I’m fully pulling for the Brewers, I’m open to the Phils advancing. Does that make me a weenie?

2 thoughts on “Brewers vs. Phillies, and bratwurst vs. cheesesteaks

  1. Good piece and interesting insight!

    Go Phils!!! I thoroughly enjoyed my cheesesteak and Yeungling last night while watching the game! But I’m open to switching to a Miller or Pabst Blue Ribbon and a brat.

  2. Oh, how I miss Yuengling! Wish we could get it out here on the West Coast. I think it may be the best beer in America. And for the price, it can’t be beat.

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