New caps for 2009 U.S. Open golf at Bethpage Black

6 thoughts on “New caps for 2009 U.S. Open golf at Bethpage Black

  1. Hi !
    Can you tell me where I can obtain a golf cap
    for my father-in-law,who is an avid golfer in
    Sedona,Arizona,and whose birthday is in August?

    I’ve looked everywhere–retail stores like Sports
    Authority and online too–but can’t find one.It
    would mean so much to me–and him–to get
    him a golf cap,ESP since this year’s Open was in
    Bethpage,Long Island , where I live.

    Thanks alot!!
    Debbie S.

    1. Debbie,

      I think I’ve found something that should fit the bill, so to speak. I went to the USGA site, where they’re already selling apparel for next year’s Open.
      So the merchandise for this year’s open at Bethpage Black is on sale. Just $11 to 15 for caps (a little less for U.S.G.A. members). I think this link will take you right to the cap page. And if that doesn’t work, just go to and look under “Sale Merchandise.”



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