These baseball caps freak me out

When I have some time to kill, I’ll often head over to the Major League Baseball or Minor League Baseball Web sites to salivate and dream over the ballcaps and other merchandise they offer. This morning, I decided to broaden my search and entered a Google search for baseball caps. The major cap-making companies popped right up, but I was not ready for the visual assault I received from a couple of them.

I decided to go straight to the New Era site and – POW!!! – I came face to face with an ersatz Milwaukee Brewers cap with an old-style ball-and-mitt logo in Apple Jacks green. I’d show it to you here, but 1.) it’s in a Flash module that I can’t import and 2.) I wouldn’t want to frighten you. I’ll instead show you these tiny thumbnails of other caps available from the Cooperstown Pop Colors collection.

Actually, these caps for the Cleveland Indians, Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Mets look kind of cute here. But imagine them at life size. It’s as if Andy Warhol designed them after a bad acid trip.

I realize these caps are aimed at a younger, hipper (and you know I’m not hip if I use the term) crowd than a baseball traditionalist like me. Same goes for these Red Sox, Yankees and LA Dodgers caps from the Lids’ “Double Up” Major League Baseball collection:

While they’re not for me, I won’t complain if others wear them. They’re still ball caps, and showing your support for your favorite team leaves us all lots of stylistic latitude.

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