Pretty cool Canadian Olympic cap, eh?

As the whole world watches the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, I couldn’t help but trot out one of my most unusual caps. This is a Canadian Olympic team cap from the 2000 summer games in Sidney.

The photo hardly does justice to the cap, one of the most unusual and stylish in my collection. The crown is shallow, and the bill is so tightly wrapped that its underside is springy to the touch. The Olympic logo is on the right side, and on the left is the brand mark for the Canadian fashion house Roots.

So why am I displaying this Canadian cap on an American flag? This cap was given to me by my good friend Scott White of The Canadian Press. The photo honors our cross-border friendship — and that’s right in keeping with the Olympic spirit.

2 thoughts on “Pretty cool Canadian Olympic cap, eh?

  1. Very nice cap. Know anyone with a Roots 2000 Olympics cap for sale? My wife and I were there and she traded hers to an American for his U.S. cap (his request), but she regretted it after. I’ve wanted to get her a replacement since. We had the regular red roots caps for fans, not the team cap, all red, white Canada across front, and Roots on the left side of brim.

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