A salute to Yankee Stadium

In honor of the 2008 All-Star game that ended early this morning — the last to be played in the House that Ruth Built — I offer this old-style Yankees cap as tribute.

I picked up the cap in New York Chinatown in roughly 2002. It’s one of scores of variations on the classic Yankees ballcap available from street vendors and shops throughout Manhattan. Pink, yellow, green, red — whatever your color of choice, chances are you can find the famous “NY” stamped on a cap of that color.

I picked this one because the tan twill crown and muted navy blue bill give an old-time baseball impression.

6 thoughts on “A salute to Yankee Stadium

  1. I’ve looked far and wide for a NYY hat just like this with no luck. Any idea where I might find one? Or would you be interested in selling this one to me?

  2. I need to figure out just where that cap is. It’s been in the closet in our foyer, as best I can recall, but I don’t recall seeing it when I checked there about a month ago. I’ll let you know what I come up with. And I will be in NYC again soon. If I spot one, I’ll get it and send it to you — my treat.

      1. No joke – I was thinking about the hat over the weekend. The movers dumped our stuff at our new place on Tuesday and I think I’ve found the box in which the cap is likely to be. I’ll check tonight and let you know.

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